Friday, 22 June 2012

Why do I have to wax every three weeks for best results?

Why do I have to wax every three weeks for best results?

Hair grows in three stages, and the time we need to wax is best done at stage 2, as explained below:

Stage 1:
A hair root and follicle forms and produces a new hair in the hair shaft, new hair is still under the skin and not visible.

Sage 2:
Hair appears above skin and enters a resting phase for approximately 2 weeks, the hair is still attached to the root, and when waxed at this stage, we disrupt the resting phase and confuse the stages all together, as a whole new hair root and follicle with a new hair needs to be produced again.

This in itself takes another couple of weeks. When waxing is done every three weeks, we continuously remove hair that are actively growing from stage 1, and over prolonged times will reduce hair growth, hair will become finer and patchiness can start to be seen.

Stage 3:
After 2-3 weeks of resting the hair will detach itself from the root to start falling out, and stage 1 will start again.

If waxing is done at this stage, we are only removing hairs that have no roots and new hair will be seen in a couple days after waxing. This is why a client may feel that waxing is not a long lasting solution to hair removal, but if waxing was done on actively growing short hairs, in Stage 2, the results will be long lasting.

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